About Outreach Magic

Learn more about Outreach Magic! Our tool improves email deliverability and sender reputation by training algorithms and monitoring potential red flags

What We Do

Outreach Magic came from a pivot of another startup that our team was working on. The outreach tool, initially designed for prospecting within the original startup, turned out to be of great value, leading to the birth of Outreach Magic.

We believe in the power of connection. Our mission is to maximize your email deliverability and sender reputation. We ensure your message reaches and resonates with your audience.

With mass emailing on the rise, emails are not as simple as just hitting send; we need to make sure your emails hit the primary folder not spam or low prioity other folder.

    Our Values & Mission

    Our Mission

    To simplify email deliverability, making it easy to land in the primary inbox every time


    We lean into difficult conversations and do the right thing


    We are lean and pivot quickly to changes in the algorithm and market conditions


    We keep changing our approach until we acheive the outcome

    Meet Our Team

    Spencer McMurtry

    Founder and CTO


    Dimitri Leroux

    Dashboard Designer


    Carlos Venecia

    Senior Developer


    Abdulrehman Hosny

    Cloud Infrastructure


    Mark Kristoffer

    Graphic Design


    Shiela Solar

    Technical Support



    Nel Seluya

    Technical Support


    Ashley Masoner

    Customer Success


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