Turning Prospects into Profit with Cold Email Campaigns

Free Range Beehives Case Study – Free Range Beehives is a Denver, Colorado-based company making the world better for bees – and for employees in corporate spaces.

Free Range Beehives’ Case Study in Using Cold Emails to Bring Nature Indoors

Bees and office workers might seem like a strange pairing, but it’s one that makes magic for Free Range Beehives, which sets up and cares for beehives in the most unlikely of places: corporate properties.

With an impressive client list that includes Google, Gates, and Kydryl among others, Free Range Beehive is making a mark with its unique beekeeping services coupled with employee wellness initiatives (with fresh honey, too!).

Campaign #1 – Employee Engagement Buzz

First, the company targeted the HR departments of medium- to large-sized organizations, emphasizing how their unique corporate beekeeping services fostered incredible employee engagement and well being. The focus was on promoting the positive impact of having beehives on corporate premises. So far, this campaign has netted new customers for the company, while also feeding the top of the funnel with new prospects eager to learn more.


  • 1,500 prospects contacted
  • 4,500 emails sent (3 emails each)
  • 252 replies (5.6%)
  • 80 replies positive (31.7%)
  • 32 booked calls (40%)
  • 3 closed so far and 48 leads added to funnel
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Making a Smart Pivot

Free Range Beehives, though offering a unique and valuable service (corporate beehive installation and maintenance), likely faced challenges in reaching their target audience through cold emails. Here’s how we can infer their problems based on the provided solution.

Free Range Beehives’ innovative service of installing and maintaining beehives in corporate spaces offered a unique benefit to both the environment and employee well-being. However, their cold email marketing efforts, crucial for reaching their target audience, were likely facing some roadblocks. One potential issue could have been low email deliverability. Spam filters might have been flagging their emails due to generic sender addresses, impersonal greetings, or triggering keywords. This resulted in their emails potentially landing in junk folders, never reaching the intended decision-makers within target companies. Additionally, Free Range Beehives might have been struggling with unfocused targeting. Sending generic emails to a broad range of companies might not have resonated with the specific needs of their ideal customers. This could have led to low open rates and a lack of engagement, hindering their ability to convert prospects into clients.

Outreach The Solution

Free Range Beehives worked with Outreach Magic to develop three specific email campaigns, all powered by Outreach Magic’s proprietary tech designed to improve cold email results through inbox placement.

By making sure that emails arrive to the decision maker’s inbox – rather than being unceremoniously dumped in spam or other folders – Outreach Magic gives cold email more of a chance to do what it does best: engage prospects with products and services they need and information that helps them do their jobs better.

Traduality Outreach magic case study

Campaign #2 – Marketing and PR Hive

Tailored for marketing departments in small- to medium-sized organizations, this campaign highlighted the service’s potential for positive PR and marketing efforts. The emphasis was on how having beehives could create a unique and eco-friendly brand image. In addition to winning a new customer and adding several opportunities to the pipeline, this campaign introduced a high-value segment to Free Range Beehives, with many providing positive responses.


  • 1,500 prospects contacted
  • 4,500 emails sent (3 emails each)
  • 144 replies (3.2%)
  • 33 replies positive (22.9%)
  • 9 booked calls (27%)
  • 1 closed so far and 24 leads added to funnel

Campaign #3 – Environmental Harmony

Free Range Beehive’s third and final campaign in this series targeted asset managers in residential apartment complexes, showcasing the environmental benefits of Free Range Beehives’ services to both residents and property management. The aim was to position the beekeeping services as a unique, eco-friendly offering. Again, the company smartly engages a population that could benefit from its services, with tailored messaging and calls to action all delivered to the right people’s inboxes. While this campaign has not yet gained a customer, it did produce positive replies, good engagement, and new pipeline.


  • 1,500 prospects contacted
  • 4,500 emails sent (3 emails each)
  • 117 replies (2.6%)
  • 28 replies positive (23.9%)
  • 10 booked calls (36%)
  • 0 closed so far and 18 added to funnel
Traduality Outreach magic case study

Combined Results

The final results of these campaigns for Free Range Beehives is an impressive net catch of four new customers ($32K in annual recurring revenue), as well as 90 new prospects added to their pipeline, where they can be nurtured into opportunities – and then customers.

While four net new customers might not sound like much, it’s important to remember that those four customers are likely not the end of the road for these campaigns in terms of long-term success.

The addition of 90 brand-new prospects into the pipeline through cold email outreach represents 90 people who likely had no idea what Free Range Beehives was about but who after being exposed to thoughtful email marketing from the company, with an assist from us at Outreach Magic, are now in active consideration and may soon be ready to become customers themselves. Most impressively, in a world where cold email sees an average response rate of 8.5% or lower, according to industry sources such as Klenty, HubSpot, and others, Free Range Beehives saw an impressive 11.4% response rate, with a large proportion of positive responses and a healthy number of new prospects into the active pipeline.







There isn’t just one magic ingredient. Free Range Beehives smartly leveraged cold-email best practices, while also enlisting the expertise of us at Outreach Magic to help guide their efforts. Here’s what they did that many don’t – and why their outreach worked so well.


Razor-sharp targeting and messaging

By tailoring each campaign to specific segments, Outreach Magic ensured that the messaging resonated with the unique needs and interests of each target audience.


Quality over quantity

Despite sending only 12,000 emails, the focus on crafting compelling messages for the right audience resulted in a high conversion rate from positive replies to booked calls and closed deals – not to mention brand-new pipeline from a cold audience.


Alignment always wins

 The HR campaign emerged as the most successful, indicating a strong alignment between Free Range Beehives’ services and the employee engagement priorities of medium to large-sized organizations. This both confirms the company’s current approach and gives them insight they can use to establish repeatable success with similar customers.


Constant optimization

Analyzing the outcomes of each campaign allows for continuous improvement in strategy, enabling Outreach Magic to refine future outreach efforts for Free Range Beehives and other clients.

The Final Word

The customer couldn’t be happier. “I have been blown away with the number of good leads we have received through the Outreach Magic system,” says David Mathias, co-founder and sales director at Free Range Beehives. “We have been getting a couple of leads a day for the last three months! Spencer and his team have created a truly unique and powerful method for addressing the hardest part of the sales process, filling the top of the funnel. I have already recommended OM to other companies and will continue to do so.”

Outreach Magic’s strategic approach to cold email campaigns significantly contributed to Free Range Beehives’ success. The combination of targeted messaging and effective outreach strategies resulted in a notable increase in positive responses, booked calls, and closed deals, positioning Free Range Beehives for continued growth and success in a very cool, very interesting emerging market.


Says Outreach Magic Founder Spencer McMurtry, “I loved working with David and Free Range Beehives to better understand what they were about and what they wanted to accomplish with email marketing.” He continues, “A lot of companies underestimate or write off cold email, or they do so too soon, without realizing just how powerful a tactic it is at winning interest and new customers. By making sure that David’s message got to the right people – and in their inbox, not a spam folder or the like – Outreach Magic helped Free Range Beehives get traction with the people they’d most like to serve.”

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