How Traduality Used Email for Marketplace Insight

Traduality, a Bloomington, Indiana-based company specializing in translation services, found itself in a predicament that many others in the translation industry experienced.

Unexpected Resistance by Traduality

It’s Not About Value or Price. So What’s the Hold Up?
When their team pitched Traduality’s world-class translation services to companies that seemed to be a good fit, they began to experience more and more pushback. And the reasons had absolutely nothing to do with the value of the services Traduality offers; nor was the resistance from new prospects an issue of affordability, which is a barrier that sales pros selling high-value, high-quality services know all too well.

The Rise Of In-House Bilingual Staff

Companies that do business internationally are no strangers to the value of localizing their most valuable assets – such as their websites, core sales materials, and advertising – and presenting them in the native languages of their local audiences.

And for decades, companies and individuals such as Traduality that specialize in fast, accurate translation have been on speed dial, rushing to the rescue when an international client needs their most important messages and ideas to resonate directly with customers in other countries.

But over the last several years, it’s becoming more and more common for such companies to hire in-house staff who are multilingual. In the United States, this trend is particularly prominent in marketing, as more and more American companies seek to engage the large percentage of Americans who speak Spanish as their primary language.

Combine the advent of in-house multilingualism with the ubiquity of AI translation, and you have the perfect conditions for consumers to push back against traditional translation services. So, where does this leave Traduality?

With an enormous opportunity to leverage their vast experience in a new way.

Making a Smart Pivot

Diego Achio and his team at Traduality understood that the rise of in-house bilingual marketers didn’t mean fewer translation problems to unravel. If anything, it meant more – and more complex – tasks for the in-house staff. 

So Traduality is pivoting toward serving those employees, with powerful AI-driven tools that will add value to their jobs and enable them to do more. The value of localization and translation practices is way more in depth than simply translating the words on a page. And “off the shelf” AI translation products have serious limitations that limit how useful they can be with high-value content that requires nuance and cultural understanding to resonate. This was a perfect need that Traduality is more than capable to meet.
Traduality partnered with Outreach Magic to test the marketplace waters for its new solutions through segmented, highly focused email lead generation campaigns to several ideal customer groups, including among others:

Main Segment

  • Human resources professionals in the hospitality industry
  • Human resources professionals in healthcare
  • Human resources professionals in food services
  • Principals/owners at translation companies

Outreach Turns into Insight

Traduality and Outreach Magic ran 8 campaigns over a 5-month period, sending a total of 11,000 emails to 5,200 prospects. And through these campaigns, the team discovered that their hunch that they had a great opportunity for their new product turned out to be emphatically correct.

“Cold” email isn’t exactly the first tactic that comes to mind when most people consider effective customer acquisition. But for Traduality, cold email turned into new customers and warm pipeline.

“We love busting the myth that email isn’t effective for cold outreach,” says Outreach Magic founder Spencer McMurtry. “The Traduality team, using our tech to monitor deliverability and performance along with their own know-how, certainly proved that wrong.”
What was the secret sauce? A combination of not just identifying the right people (segmenting) but making sure that the email got to the right person’s inbox. By making sure that messages aren’t filtered into low-priority “Other” folders (or heaven forbid the spam folder), the odds of success go up by default.

The Wins

At the conclusion of the campaigns, Traduality gained:

New prospects added to the pipeline.

Booked opportunities.

Positive replies, where the recipient wanted more information or expressed they would like to book a call in the near future.

Best-performing campaign

Their best-performing campaign was to HR professionals in food production, with translation company owners also doing quite well.

Some of the keys to their success are:

  • Relevant messaging that truly speaks to emerging needs;
  • Focused targeting to home in on the right prospects; and
  • Timely followup built into the email campaigns, increasing Traduality’s net gains.
Traduality Outreach magic case study

The Human Touch Makes It All Work

Just as Traduality understands that – no matter how advanced our tech solutions become – we as a people will never outgrow the value of real human attention, thoughtfulness, and connection.

Says Diego Achio, “Outreach Magic’s team is very attentive to their customer needs. Unlike other technology platforms or services, they have actual humans taking care of customer experience, making sure that their software aligns with your actual needs over just the typical self-service automated software that you pay for automatically on a monthly basis.”

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Spencer McMurtry and Diego Achio

Spencer McMurtry and Diego Achio at a conference together

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