Cold emailing is one of the best ways to grow your business, but a well-crafted and responsive email takes a lot of time and thought. While each cold email should cater to its intended audience, below are useful tips in making cold emails work successfully for your business.

Personalize the Email

Make your emails as personal as possible, so your contacts won’t perceive it as a mass marketing email. Including custom words related to the contact, such as location, name, and company name, are great ways to add personalization without much additional time or effort. Another method is including a personalized line catered to each individual, although this might be more time-consuming.

Make the Email About Them

Ensure your emails talk more about them where they’re more likely to discover solutions to their problems in those emails. Instead of “I,” use “you” as much as possible in your email. You’ll wind up drowning out the fact that you’re delivering a solution to their problem if you make the emails too much about your company.

Always Add a CTA

To develop connections with your audience, check that all of your emails end with a proper call-to-action or CTA.

If you don’t tell your potential clients what their next step is or what you want them to do, they won’t realize you’re waiting for their response. It also tests a client’s trust in your product or service. If clients are interested in your message, they’ll go further down the sales funnel with a clear CTA.

Write Proper Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first thing your prospect will notice when your email lands in their inbox. This is why it is of utmost importance to pay extra attention to your subject line.

Some email marketers include the words “RE:” or “FWD” in their subject lines, which can turn off potential consumers. Avoid using words like “urgent” or “hurry” in your subject lines because they will not only end up in your prospects’ spam folders but also upset them.

Keep your subject lines short, non-misleading, and to the point.

Keep the Length in Mind

Cold emails should be as brief as possible yet convey the information you wish to send to the recipient.

Generally speaking, 80-100 words should be enough to remain appealing and catch the recipient’s attention. If your email is overly long, your potential consumer may become bored or, worse, not read it at all.

Getting rid of the opening and closing pleasantries is an excellent method to make your email shorter.


Cold emailing can be a complex maze to navigate, but it should be less daunting with these helpful tips. Crafting the right cold email copy is complicated enough on its own, so don’t pile yourself with more to handle. Outreach Magic provides the best and most cost-effective way to perform your cold email outreach with the most effective and automated outreach system on the market today.

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