Email Reporting Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the essential steps of creating clear and concise email reports, empowering you to optimize your outreach efforts and achieve maximum impact with Outreach Magic

Generate Email List:

Customizable Settings:

  • list name
  • how many accounts to generate
  • customize esp breakdown
  • sender addresses – all the addresses that will be tested for that specific host

Upload The Email List To HubSpot:

  • import the contacts
  • create a new list
  • add that list to your existing campaigns

Engagement Settings

  • review the video for an explanation of different engagement settings

  • not included in reporting only package

Testing Multiple Infrastructures:

  • If you are testing multiple infrastructures you will want to create different hosts for each infrastructure
  • It’s important to note that sender addresses can only be associated with one host

Understanding The Reports:

  • navigate to the dashboard page

  • cross filter by any attribute


How long do the reports take to update?

The reports update every 4 hours.

Testing multiple sales reps in hubspot?

My new method is to create a large list of MSFT recipients, then manually split the list into unique senders for each sales person. This is related mostly to Hubspot issues — the sales people ignorantly send out sequences that automatically enroll recipients into another sequence, which ties up the contact so they cant be used until the enrollment is manually cleared.additionally, i might create an even bigger list, then split into 5 daily lists for each salesperson, so they can cover more inboxes in an attempt to repair reps. Currently the lead sales person has essentially a 0% deliverability rate for MSFT personal.

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