Many business owners underestimate the true potential of cold email marketing. They are hesitant to give it a try, owing to the abundance of badly written marketing emails they receive.

However, cold emails can be a very effective tool for generating new leads and increasing revenue for any business owner or marketer if utilized correctly.

Before going into the top four reasons cold emails are so effective, let’s first define cold emails.

Simply put, cold emails are emails delivered to potential customers who have never been contacted by the company before. While some people mistakenly believe that cold emails are spam, they are actually far from it. Cold emails are used to send qualified leads relevant and specific marketing content.

So Why Are Cold Emails So Effective?



Emails, unlike social media posts, do not hide from your view. Until you open the email or designate it as read, it remains unread in your inbox. With multiple sequences, you can retarget the same people with several different emails.


You can only make so many cold calls each day. However, you can contact thousands of people in seconds if set up correctly with cold emailing. The cold email outreach process can be automated into a seamless system. From scraping and storing leads to finding, verifying, and sending emails, you’ll only need several clicks of a button to land into a targeted prospect’s inbox. Outreach Magic offers you the most efficient process, making your outreach dream a reality.


The driving factor behind scalability in cold emailing is its affordability. Only a handful of software is needed to maintain an effective cold emailing system. This is a stark contrast to ad spending (i.e., Facebook and Google), where costs can be very high due to saturation, especially since the pandemic. The cost of a cold emailing system is also stable and predictable, whereas ads can vary throughout seasons and industries. This allows for easier budgeting.


With online advertisements, your copy can only get so personal since you’re marketing to a section of the population. On the other hand, you can customize cold emails to individuals without requiring much additional time and effort. Your email copy can automatically change based on the contact’s location, company, or industry. For bonus points, you can even have a unique sentence tailored towards each contact.


Cold emailing is here to stay, so make sure you’re ahead of the game by keeping up to date on industry trends. Set up an effective cold emailing system for your business with Outreach Magic today!

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